“This room of women could change the world.”

– Will Marré, Patricia Arquette interview
Women In Technology International Summit 2016

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AirBnB’s secret: value social intelligence

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Bring women to the board game

Follow the leader


Thrive in the new economy

Women: The Competitive Advantage

Women are wired for success with high social intelligence, thinking versatility and equality of participation. Science proves women are better innovators, collaborators and communicators.
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Win with Gender Synergy

We help you empower women while valuing the best of men’s strengths. SMART Teams work better together leading to innovation and a new level of group intelligence.
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SMART Power Academy

Join 30 female leaders for our 2.5 day women-only development program.
You will gain career clarity, improve your leadership power and increase your business impact.
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A women-only development program with a proven process that enables female leaders to
amplify leadership power, create innovation breakthroughs and improve strategic thinking skills.

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Women share insights, tools and techniques learned from Will Marré

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