Hindsight is 20/20


Volkswagen uses hard power leadership

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Be a destination



AirBnB’s secret: value social intelligence

Be a SMART culture. Transform now.

Play to win


Bring women to the board game

Promote women. It's SMART. See why.

Follow the leader


Thrive in the new economy

Meet Will Marré

Win the talent war

SMART POWER cultures increase attraction, engagement, loyalty and performance of talent. Learn to value and leverage gender-based strengths to create your most agile and innovative talent force.
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Gender Synergy

Women are the answer to today’s biggest business challenges. We help you empower women while valuing the best of men’s strengths. Unleash a new level of group intelligence with SMART POWER.
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Ignite Innovation

We teach a SMART system including design thinking, idea diversity and social intelligence. You will surpass incremental improvements and realize unique value innovation. Breakthrough now...

McKinsey & Company’s new research:

6 reasons for a steady slide of established companies

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