Women Who Win

The Opportunity

Leadership research confirms your organization will be more innovative, more profitable, and grow faster if you promote more women into leadership.

The Challenge

Most organizations are built on a ‘Hard Power’ leadership mindset and processes that minimizes women’s power and holds them back from making their highest and best contributions.

The Evidence

SMART Power systematically integrates evidence-based methods ways to increase the measurable business impact of women leaders on your current critical priorities.

The Bottom Line

Women Who Win is a leadership development system designed to increase women’s leadership capabilities, increase their business impact, and create career clarity for your current and future women leaders.

Why Women are Designed to Lead

Learn how work really gets done and why working smarter is better than working harder. Uncover what holds women back from leadership position even though their brains are wired to make them great leaders. Hear Will explain our two prime motives and how women can use their talents to lead more effectively.

Why We Can’t Win Without Women

Will explains what it takes to win with our current workforce (this includes “Why Women are Designed to Lead”). Discover a new way of working (“Work Like a Genius”) that helps women meet all their conflicting commitments. Learn the two orientations of leaders and the way women will win as leaders – by using 5-Star Leadership.