Which way are you heading in the new economy?

Be SMART. Ask for directions.

We KNOW the conditions that create Extraordinary Performance.

Measuring the factors of what makes an organization extraordinary and outperform their competitions is NOT A MYSTERY.

It’s a science.

We have the answer.

Are your men and women working TOGETHER in a SMART Power Culture?

If your women and men were working together in a SMART POWER CULTURE they would be revolutionizing your company. I’ve never seen the moral argument for diversity and inclusion to successfully drive culture change.  What I am experiencing is the competitive demands of the disruptive world of business are causing leaders to seek new ways to release the talent and empower the abilities of women and disadvantaged minorities by changing the way work gets done. In every organization, I have the privilege to work in, real work gets done by teams, and teams of teams using creative collaboration. Teamwork is not natural in authoritarian, hierarchical organizations. So there is a lot of breakage.

But with crisis comes opportunity. 

We have reached a point in both business and the wider society that we simply cannot afford to marginalize and systematically disempower women and  “others” because they think different or act different. It’s differences that create the intellectual friction start the fires of new solutions and breakthrough opportunities.


These 10 Factors produce organizations
that are 225% more productive,
more successful than the average company.

(Source: SMART Power Institute; Bain & Company, Franklin Covey, Zenger Folkman)

SMART Culture Change is FAST culture change. 

Fast culture change is critical because slow culture change simply does not work. Your competitors are moving too fast and your talent force is impatient.

SMART Culture Change works fast. The biggest driver of a positive culture is consistent progress. Successful innovation transforms your culture by increasing your “strategic velocity” to start achieving relevant goals. It’s amazing how success inspires people to behave better, collaborate, innovate, and execute.

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