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“Will’s ability to uniquely harness the power of women’s leaders
is changing the way companies work for the better.
Will is like Yoda on Red Bull. Really.”
– Julie Dexter Berg, CMO Cricket Wireless

People often ask me if I am a motivational speaker to which I reply, “No, I am a motivated one.” I’ve been giving issue-centered leadership speeches for decades at many of the world’s most notable enterprises, from Nike to Nestlé from Gap to GE.

I give speeches for one reason and that is to change people’s minds. In fact I often begin a speech with this challenge: “if you do nothing different now, what will be the result in a year from now… and is that okay?” You might be surprised with the number of people who don’t seem to think seriously about this question before I pose it. So change happens to them instead of making change happen. Yet leading change, executing change, and creating a change-thirsty culture is the core job of leaders today. It all starts with changing minds.

I deliver core speeches, always tailored to how you want your audience to think differently, feel differently and act differently. I help you change minds by combining my years of practical experience with the latest science of behavioral psychology.

I use a unique framework called the Brain Achievement Map, or BAM, that taps the five forces of human performance. It is heavily rooted in my years of working directly with Stephen Covey (Seven Habits of Highly Effective People) and the renowned performance psychologist, Dr. Jim Leohr (Human Performance Institute). The five forces are:

  1. mental focus
  2. inspired commitment
  3. social collaboration
  4. physical initiative
  5. emotional optimism

These five forces are the built-in sources of potential power each of us has to become extraordinary.

All my presentations are based on the five forces and interlace research, stories, metaphors and experiences in a systematic framework:

  • Emotional and intellectual relevance – a powerful “what if you could… “ vision challenge that has both personal and enterprise pay off.
  • Motivational energy – starkly contrasting the good that can happen if change is successful versus the bad that will occur without change.
  • Raising intellectual curiosity – providing proof that conventional responses and strategies do not work and may make things worse.
  • Creating optimism – making the research-based case for the surprising solution.
  • Igniting initiative – simple, high impact, actions that individuals can take to start the change now.
  • Driving personal responsibility-tapping the human drive for self-effectiveness, growth and mastery.

LEADING TO WIN: The 5 Habits of SMART-Power Leaders

Session: 90 minutes or 4-Hour Workshop

Audience: Women/Men, unlimited attendees

Outcome: Inspiration and leadership skill development

Key takeaways:  

  • Insight on what successful leaders are doing today.
  • 5 leadership habits to ignite a self-inspired culture.

Overview:  This presentation draws from a proprietary research project called Apple to Zappos and looks at what successful leaders are doing today that most are not. It focuses on the five proven essentials of extraordinary leadership. A meta-analysis of leadership research reveals that only 3% of mid and senior-level business leaders do these five things well. Leading to Win instills five new leadership habits that enable leaders to create a unique value advantage, ignite a self-inspired culture and scale success.

Will, let me express my appreciation of your efforts over the past eighteen months as we have worked closely together to rebuild the leadership team and stabilize the culture through some challenging times of Cricket. Your efforts in supporting a hands-on executive on boarding process substantially improved the path to new leadership productivity. On countless fronts your efforts provided culture insights and interventions to facilitate a targeted and prioritized intervention process. In collaboration with the team you created a five-pillar leadership in transition model that allowed the executives to understand the plan, buy in, and their individual roles. Without this effort it may not have been possible for them to accept how critical this cultural transition was because of pressing day to day issues. On a personal note I found your thoughts to be insightful, experienced, and tempered – showing insight of the complicate puzzle that executive leadership must coordinate and balance.  Lastly, your ability to frame how to communicate complex issues and nuance their articulation was for me an essential element of moving the business ahead. I look forward to a continuing and successful relationship in the coming months and years.”  – Doug Hutcheson, CEO, Cricket Wireless

“Thanks so much for an inspirational, motivating
session with our team. You were a hit. Very powerful.”
– Beth Comstock, Vice-chair of Business Innovations and CMO, GE

Empowering Talent: Creating an Agile, Inclusive Culture that Executes

Session: 90 Min. or an 8-hour intensive workshop (2 consecutive half days, Day One 1-5pm, Day Two 8am -12pm)

Audience: Women/Men

Key takeaways:  

  • The PROVEN process to making cultures more agile, inclusive, and successful.
  • Understand the SMART Coaching Process and how to implement it in your culture.
  • The keys for empowering all your talent in a world of bias and inequality.

Overview:  Much of what we’ve been taught about leadership is obsolete. The speed of disruption and the ferocity of competition has made old approaches to management simply too slow and bureaucratic to respond to the rock ‘n roll nature of real business life. Empowering Talent lays out the new SMART Power Coaching process being implemented in large corporations to make their cultures more agile and inclusive. It is based on the neuroscience of the Brain Achievement Map (BAM), which constantly creates clarity and drives inclusive collaboration. Best of all is it’s simple to understand, easy to implement and offers the real cure to today’s culture killing issues of bias, gender inequality and dis-empowerment.

200%: startups are 2x more likely to succeed if they have 5 or more female top leaders

Working to Win: Supercharge Your Career and Work Like a Genius

Session: 90 minutes, 4-Hour Workshop, or 2-Day Workshop

Audience: Women/Men, unlimited attendees

Outcome: Inspiration and leadership skill development

Key takeaways:  

  • Insight on transforming old-fashioned corporate structures.
  • Immediate individual change and a clear path to a self-inspired culture.
  • How to create a culture that thrives.
  • 10 daily habits of work/life happiness.

Overview: In over 80% of companies, two-thirds of the employees are actively looking for a new job with a new employer. The primary reason is not because an organization is a bad place to work in terms of salary, benefits, policies and programs; rather, employees are restless because they feel ineffective. Most employees feel they are neither making a significant impact nor are they learning and growing and becoming more capable. The underlying cause for mass employee disengagement is the adult-child relationships that are fostered by old-fashioned corporate structures.

The truth is, business today is too competitive to create ideal conditions for employees to thrive. The longer employees wait for leaders to create a ‘great place to work’ the more disengaged they become. The answer is simple. Employees can be taught how to take control of their own work and careers by creating their inner best place to work no matter how challenging the external environment is. This presentation inspires employees to take control of their own working conditions and teaches them the research-validated 10 daily habits of work life happiness. The result is a clear path to a self-inspired culture. (This program always has the most motivational impact and creates immediate individual change.)

I am pleased that DirecTV’s leadership had the opportunity to learn your strategies and techniques for thriving in both their personal and professional lives. Feedback on your session was very enthusiastic.” – Michael D. White, CEO, DirectV

“Thanks so much for an inspirational, motivating
session with our team. You were a hit. Very powerful.”
– Beth Comstock, Vice-chair of Business Innovations and CMO, GE

GENDER SYNERGY: Empower Your Talent through Inclusion and Collaboration

Session: 4-Hour Workshop or 90-minute Keynote

AUDIENCE: Women and Men (unlimited attendees)


Be empowered to use the new science-validated, SMART Power leadership operating system necessary to gain and sustain a competitive advantage under the new realities of business.  The SMART Power system is proven to harness cognitive diversity, ignite innovation and drive profitability in very challenging circumstances.  Mutual paradigm shifts and
specific behaviors proven to enable men and women leaders to work
better together.


  • Learn the principles of elevating Group Intelligence from MIT.
  • Understand the dis-empowering impact of invisible bias and the only way to overcome it.
  • Three simple behaviors male leaders and team members can adopt to engage, motivate and promote female professionals.
  • Three essential habits women must adopt to be given more opportunities and increase their influence and impact.
  • How to overcome 5 factors that are causing businesses to stagnate and eventually fail.
  • How to unleash CORE intelligence; contextual, operational, relational, and emotional of women to positively impact the entire organization.
  • The proven SMART Power method that drives mutual accountability in cross functional teams.
  • 5 policies that will enable your company to recruit and retain the world’s smartest women.
  • How to energize male support for gender equality and synergy.

21 daily videos to support integration of new thinking and behaviors.

Culture Changing peer-to-peer group intelligence coaching
led by Will Marre.

200%: startups are 2x more likely to succeed if they have 5 or more female top leaders

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