Research confirms your company will be more

Innovative, Profitable, and Grow Faster

if you Promote Women into Leadership

Is your company utilizing the full potential of it’s talent?

The real cost of bias is immense. And not just to the person whose opportunities are diminished but also to all of us who miss out on the value that person could add.



“Will’s ability to uniquely harness the power of women’s leaders
is changing the way companies work for the better.
Will is like Yoda on Red Bull. Really.”
– Julie Dexter Berg, CMO Cricket Wireless


Session: 90 minutes is optimal (there is a 60 minute option)

Audience: Women, unlimited attendees

Outcome: Inspiration and leadership skill development

Key takeaways:  

  • 3 proven skills to improve their leadership impact
  • 5 key behaviors that will make them more influential

Overview:  The audience will feel optimistic about using women’s strengths of thinking versatility and social intelligence. Participants will understand the science of highly effective female leadership in demanding and competitive work environments.  They will understand how to harness Smart Power to create gender synergy on teams under high-performance pressure.

“You have made a tremendous difference.  I appreciate you bringing to life your amazing concepts and research in a compelling and exciting way.  You really know how to inspire people to improve and help them become who they aspire to be.” – Heather Robsahn, Sr. Director of Leadership Learning, Gap Inc.

“Thanks so much for an inspirational, motivating
session with our team. You were a hit. Very powerful.”
– Beth Comstock, Vice-chair of Business Innovations and CMO, GE

WE: The Women Effect

Session: 8-hour intensive workshop (2 consecutive half days, Day One 1-5pm, Day Two 8am -12pm)

Audience: Women, ideal group size is 25-50

Outcome: First stage professional transformation.  Women will learn to harness their CORE intelligence

using a unique innovation process that translates strategic empathy into new products and enhanced services that have proven to drive business growth. They’ll also learn the “Business Bridge” process which magnifies their organizational impact that lead to leadership promotions.

Key takeaways:  

  • 5 high level applications of SMART Power
  • Understand and harness your unique approach to power and leadership
  • The keys for women who are making a powerful business cases for change
  • Increased personal productivity and stress resilience with mindfulness
  • Strategic Empathy: A process tool proven to create innovation breakthroughs product or service development, execution and internal processes, culture and talent development
  • Custom leadership action plan that incorporates new skills and commitment to professional growth and promotion opportunities.

Overview:  This workshop was created from a commitment to rapidly improve the business impact of female leaders. As women have unique abilities and ways of thinking that transform businesses, corporate culture and innovation, participants learn how to SMARTly harness their value and make a difference. The program has a science-proven learning design in that it runs from 1-5 pm on the first day and 8 -12 the following morning.  This format is based on learning science which indicates that when people can sleep on what they have learned they are more likely to have insights and critical questions that will cement both learning and behavior change. Most importantly, research clearly indicates that women learn best through discussion, so this training design specifically enables participants more time to discuss insights and exercises to apply learning.

200%: startups are 2x more likely to succeed if they have 5 or more female top leaders