Science-based corporate transformation research and development center.

The Institute focuses its research on neuro-science and behavioral psychology to develop new thinking tools, behavioral skills, and leadership practices necessary to be effective in the current environment where ferocious competition and unprecedented technological disruption have changed the way forward. The foundation of SMART POWER is understanding the multiplied value created by enabling, promoting and welcoming the best of both gender’s strengths.

We learn about your specific challenges and goals and customize a SMART POWER program to enable you to thrive in the new economy. Engage the Smart Power Institute and learn how you can:

Lead with Gender Synergy

  • Value and welcome gender-based strengths
  • Create SMART TEAMS of collaborative men and women
  • Unleash a new level of group intelligence
  • Execute with discipline and agility
  • Leverage the social intelligence of women and results-driven efficiency of men
  • Increase your talent forces ability to excel in high stress, high opportunity environments
  • Identify and work to end gender bias

Develop and Promote SMART Women

  • Develop your female leaders. Click here to visit the SMART Power Academy
  • Leverage the invaluable social intelligence and innovative empathy of women
  • Create a path for promoting women and increasing the number of women in upper management

Be a Talent Magnet

  • Win the talent war: Attract and retain both male and female top performers
  • Adopt policies that attract and retain top female talent
  • Invest in peak performance and personal well-being which creates a highly motivated and agile talent force
  • Become a destination company

Ignite Innovation

  • Develop leaders with thinking diversity and agility
  • Surpass incremental improvements and realize unique breakthroughs
  • Fast track to market with agile execution

Shift to a SMART POWER Culture

  • Experience long-term sustainable growth
  • Increase profits
  • Attract an inspired and loyal workforce
  • Build a talent portfolio that aligns with your goals and propels your company forward
  • Increase customer trust

Be Competitive. Be SMART.

Learn more, beSMART. Contact the SMART Power Institute. 


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