Research confirms your company will be more

Innovative, Profitable, and Grow Faster

if you Promote Women into Leadership

The Leadership S.P.A. (Smart Power Academy)

Everything you’ve been taught about leadership has changed. SMART-Power Leadership is a new way of developing your next generation of leadership talent as they accelerate the velocity of innovation- to-execution in today’s business.

Career clarity. Leadership confidence. An action plan for growth.

Join us for a life-changing 2-1/2 days at The Leadership SMART Power Academy. The Academy is a research-based women’s leadership program with a proven process that will enable you to discover your most satisfying career and live your happiest life.

The mission of the SMART Power Academy is to teach women how to balance soft and hard power skills to become Smart Power leaders. Women who adopt a Smart Power mindset are better enabled to direct their careers and more impactfully lead organizations while enjoying work-life harmony.

Will Marré, the founder and force behind The Leadership SMART Power Academy, has collaborated with a team of female leaders to design the Academy, a 2-1/2 day on-site curriculum followed by 6-weeks of web-based coaching and mentoring.

The Leadership SMART Power Academy is guaranteed to bring you career clarity, leadership confidence and a commitment to grow.

Join us at the next Leadership SMART Power Academy to create your vision, learn new skills, form health habits and shift your future.

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A women-only development program with a proven process that enables female leaders to
amplify leadership power, create innovation breakthroughs and improve strategic thinking skills.

Hear past participants favorite learnings from the Academy

Women share insights, tools and techniques learned from Will Marré



Session: 6-hour intensive workshop

Audience: Women, ideal group size is 25-50

Outcome: Increase leadership impact and professional growth

Key takeaways:  

  • 5 science-based leadership skills of SMART Power
  • 6 secrets of confident presentations that will make you more “promotable”
  • How to harness brain science to open oppositional minds
  • The 4 new rules of making a compelling business case for change
  • How to keep people accountable to you even when you have no authority
  • Turn your personal “unique value advantage” into your best career

Overview:  In this women only workshop participants learn how to wield their leadership strengths of their CORE intelligence; contextual, operational, relational, emotional which are vital in agile and collaborative organizations. Since most organizations get work done through a matrix of teams of teams it is essential that women learn how to use science-based persuasion skills (Jedi Mind Tricks) to effectively influence others and drive change even when they have no power.  Women will also learn how to keep others committed and accountable without authority and without becoming “bossy.”

“Your teachings are both immensely valuable, as well as practical.  You have a very engaging delivery that connects with the audience from the get go.“  – Joe Monahan, V.P. Sales North America, Nike

“You have already made tangible difference in my life and career. This was
my first day back at work following your Academy and I interviewed for big
promotion and by dinnertime I had my dream job. Thank you for the clarity
and courage. I feel so free!”
– Anne Woods, Sr. Engineer, Qualcomm

SMART POWER ACADEMY: open enrollment or hosted program

Attend the open enrollment program: SMART Power Academy workshops are offered 3-4 times a year.  You can send your emerging female leaders to the program where they will learn with 30 other dynamic female leaders. Participants are high potential professionals, managers, senior managers, directors and vice presidents

Host the program: Your organization can choose to host a SMART Power Academy at their facility.  You may fill 10-15 seats at the program for your select women leaders and we will invite women from other companies to also attend up to 30 total.

Hold the Program: Your organization can hold the SMART Power Academy exclusively for 25-30 of your women leaders and professionals.

Session: 2.5 day on-site workshop (3 consecutive days)

Audience: Women, ideal group size is 25-30 women leaders (usually managers, senior managers, directors or above)

Outcome: Accelerating women into higher levels of leadership to make your enterprise more competitive

Key takeaways:  

  • Adopt a SMART Power mindset to fuel proactive leadership
  • 5 specific leadership skills that are most effective for women
  • Tools and behaviors to support women in expanding opportunities, responsibilities and capabilities
  • Deep level of career clarity and personal accountability
  • Development of individual leadership strengths
  • How to work more effectively with men
  • How to use a customer-value innovation matrix to drive growth
  • Increased leadership confidence
  • Secrets to making compelling business cases
  • Science-based habits that enable higher levels of work achievement and personal life satisfaction
  • 4 daily mindfulness habits proven to increase confidence, improve happiness and reduce stress
  • 6 week action plan to increase influence, opportunities and impact

Overview:  The SMART Power Academy is an evidence-based leadership development program designed to enable women to achieve significant and measurable results in their career by leading with their gender-based strengths. SMART Power skills and processes give women the tools to create a new level of impact and influence in the workplace. The Academy begins with a talent assessment for each candidate and pre-work that identifies areas of focus for development.  All Academy participants organize themselves into “SMART Power Circles” of five women who receive 3-minute daily video lessons and meet weekly in a peer coaching session for 6 weeks following the Academy workshop. The most consistently reported outcome of the Academy is that graduates are clear on the leadership impact they are committed to make and have confidence in their new capabilities to make their difference.

Results:  Here are results past participants from companies like Qualcomm, Sony, McKesson and GAP have reported:

  • Improved leadership and persuasion skills to be promotion ready (SMART Power)
  • Worked much better with male leaders by implementing gender synergy practices (SMART Power Teams)
  • Learned how to use structured collaboration to achieve breakthroughs in innovation (SMART Power Innovation)
  • Use science-based stress resilience practices which improved clarity and execution (Work Like a Genius)
  • Made a bigger strategic contribution to their enterprise

“The SMART Power Academy has been, for me, nothing short of life changing.  As a newly promoted and young female executive in a male dominated environment, I find myself without mentors, role models, thought partners.  This Academy has shown me the true power of women” -Andrea Fegley, Delta Dental of California

SMART POWER 90: 90 day in-house transformation program

Session: 90 days

Audience: Women (usually managers, senior managers, directors or above)

Outcome: Build a Women SMART Powered culture

Key takeaways:  

  • Commitment to women’s leadership
  • Provide women leaders with tools they need to increase business value
    Increased leadership power and influence
  • Career satisfaction which leads to increased engagement and loyalty
  • How to create a greater business impact

Overview:  Provide your female leaders the tools they need to succeed with a science based, proven transformation program.  The 90 day, custom corporate program opens up a pipeline of women leaders to accelerate your success.

SMART Power 90 includes:

2 1/2 day Academy

12 professional development coaching sessions to support mastery and business project completion.

3 half-day training sessions

6 peer coaching sessions in 5person genius circles

Customized fitness and mindfulness program for each participant

3 executive sponsor 1 on 1’s

3 leader led mentoring sessions

Graduation project presentations to senior leaders

“As Will says “Imagine the best thing your company can possibly do in the world, in the marketplace, and for your people”. We can all make a difference…just start.” – Jeff Grantham, Sr. Director, Marketing & Digital Engagement at UC San Diego


Session: Daily and weekly programming

Audience: All employees

Outcome: Build a SMART Power culture

Key takeaways: 

  • Introduction to the SMART Power Leadership model behaviors, mindset and skills
  • Practice sessions custom designed to meet your business goals
  • Exercises to reinforce SMART Power and help employees adopt a new way of thinking and acting

Overview:  The program is customized to suit your business goals and the talent of your employees.  By providing consistent exposure to SMART Power your leaders and their teams will shift to a SMART Power culture. Business benefits range from increased innovation to more agile thinking to a more engaged and loyal talent force.

100%: number of teams that improve at solving complex problems by adding more women teammates at MIT Group Intelligence Labs