From Apple to Zappos:

“Apple to Zappos” is today’s up-to-the minute story of how innovative companies are thriving by turning business-as-usual upside down. Through data research, executive interviews and in-the-trenches client projects with many of today’s thriving companies, leadership expert, Will Marré, shows how big companies like Apple, Nike, and Cisco, and smaller ones like Clifbar and Elite Service Systems and scores of others are becoming unbeatable.
In the depth of the recession leadership expert, Will Marré, saw that several of his clients were thriving, even hiring new talent and buying new technology. Most of all, he began to investigate why some companies like Apple and Hyundai were ferociously growing while competitors in the same industries were floundering. He recruited a team of researchers from the University of California San Diego and Clemson University’s MBA program and began to study companies’ strategy and leadership at fast growth, market dominate, high innovation companies versus the industry laggards. The research teams continue to examine data and interview senior executives at companies marked by 7 competitive indicators:

  1. growth
  2. profitability
  3. innovation
  4. sustainability initiatives
  5. employee engagement
  6. social responsibility
  7. brand insistence

The research project now called “21 Companies for the 21st Century” is identifying the leadership mindset and business practices that are leading to breakaway innovations and benchmark-busting results.

The research is revealing some astonishing insights.

  • Successful leaders are telling us that the 21st century demands business strategy that is fundamentally different than the 20th century leadership models most are following.
  • The new economics of sustainable innovation combined with new demands by consumers and employees has changed how economic value is created.
  • Most lagging companies’ leaders are not yet asking the right questions let alone coming up with the right answers.
  • For more detail on the companies included in the research click here »