SMART Power Coaching

I coach like a team-sports coach… to improve your performance in high stakes situations and in the process help you become an exceptional leader.  [More…]

SMART Culture Transformation

Big fast change is the only change that really matters today. The old change models are useless if you need to create an agile organization that innovates and executes at the new speed of business.  [More…]

SMART Power Speaking

There’s only one reason to ask an expert to speak… challenging insights that opens minds and provokes positive action.  [More…]

SMART Power Academy

Everything you’ve been taught about leadership has changed. SMART-Power Leadership is a new way of developing your next generation of leadership talent as they accelerate the velocity of innovation- to-execution in today’s business.   [More…]

SMART Power Women

Brain science confirms that most men use hard power and most women use soft power.  The 5 Habits of SMART Power Leaders enable you to quickly use both.  [More…]

Work Like a Genius

What if changing the way you work could dramatically improve your success? Science says it can. In recent research about the daily lives of people who have literally changed the world, from Aristotle to Edison, a daily pattern of personal living and working has emerged.  [More…]