SMART Power Coaching

Want to be great?
Prove it.

I started coaching CEOs in 1978. I was 28. My first client ran Hang Ten Sportswear, a California company owned by a New York conglomerate that didn’t know anything about marketing to the surf culture. They were losing market share like a dam bursting behind a torrent of new competition. My coaching worked for two years until the New York management decided the company was a cash cow instead of a growth business. Without smart investment Hang Ten withered just as the surf industry exploded into a new multi-billion category. That was my first experience with leadershit…something I’ve been fighting for over 30 years.

A year later I discovered Stephen Covey teaching a college sponsored workshop in Los Angeles. His Seven Habits of Highly Effective People so impressed me that I asked him if he wanted to start a leadership development business based on it. At first Stephen declined. But I persisted… relentlessly… for over eight months and the Covey Leadership Center was born.

I tell you that bit of history to let you know I have been designing, leading and coaching leadership change for three decades. I’ve continually worked with C-level leaders, critical position leaders and high potential leaders to help them become great by doing great things.


My Process

It starts with a potential client saying “I need…



Which leads to…


Which leads to a 5-STAR Transformation using my 5-STAR Change Process…