Women will overcome the bias of authoritarianism.

Why? Because they won’t give up!.

Is your company utilizing the full potential of it’s talent?

The real cost of bias is immense. And not just to the person whose opportunities are diminished but also to all of us who miss out on the value that person could add.

Did you know your strongest strategic asset already works for you and you aren’t using it in a SMART way?

In my work for gender synergy, I have found that the practical argument for fairness, opportunity, and inclusion is much stronger than the moral argument for equality. The practical argument is simply common sense.  What would be the result if you could release the full talent of all your people rather than just the white males with Ivy League degrees?

Are you SMART?

I’ve never seen the moral argument for diversity and inclusion to successfully drive culture change.  What I am experiencing is the competitive demands of the disruptive world of business are causing leaders to seek new ways to release the talent and empower the abilities of women and disadvantaged minorities by changing the way work gets done. In every organization, I have the privilege to work in, real work gets done by teams, and teams of teams using creative collaboration. Teamwork is not natural in authoritarian, hierarchical organizations. So there is a lot of breakage.

But with crisis comes opportunity. 

We have reached a point in both business and the wider society that we simply cannot afford to marginalize and systematically disempower women and  “others” because they think different or act different. It’s differences that create the intellectual friction start the fires of new solutions and breakthrough opportunities.

Gender Synergy

Empowering everyone’s talent requires a new way of leading, new cultural dynamics and the wisdom to listen to the genius of people who know what you don’t.

Why women?

MIT research confirms that most women are less likely to be driven by personal status, and more likely to be motivated by team success. We need team success now.

Patricia Arquette Interview – Will Marré: Moderator – Women in Technology Summit 2016

KEYNOTES: In Person or Webcast

People often ask me if I am a motivational speaker to which I reply, “No, I am a motivated one.” I’ve been giving issue-centered leadership speeches for decades at many of the world’s most notable enterprises, from Nike to Nestlé from Gap to GE.

I give speeches for one reason and that is to change people’s minds. In fact I often begin a speech with this challenge: “if you do nothing different now, what will be the result in a year from now… and is that okay?” You might be surprised with the number of people who don’t seem to think seriously about this question before I pose it. So change happens to them instead of making change happen. Yet leading change, executing change, and creating a change-thirsty culture is the core job of leaders today. It all starts with changing minds.

“Will’s ability to uniquely harness the power of women’s leaders
is changing the way companies work for the better.
Will is like Yoda on Red Bull. Really.”
– Julie Dexter Berg, CMO Cricket Wireless

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Session: 90 minutes

Add on Session: 30 minute guided discussion following the keynote to create the next steps for your audience to take to create a more synergistic culture

Audience: Women and Men, unlimited attendees

Outcome: Understand and be inspired by the new science-validated, leadership operating system necessary to gain and sustain a competitive advantage under the new realities of business. The SMART Power system ignites innovation and drives profitability in our hypercompetitive and disruptive economy.  Mutual paradigm shifts and specific behaviors proven to enable men and women leaders to work better together.

Key takeaways:  

  • 5 simple behaviors male leaders can adopt to engage and motivate female professionals
  • 2 essential habits women must adopt to be given more opportunities
  • How to overcome 5 factors that are causing businesses to stagnate and eventually fail
  • How to unleash CORE intelligence; contextual, operational, relational, emotional, of women to impact the entire organization
  • The proven SMART Power method that drives mutual accountability in cross functional teams
  • 5 policies that will enable your company to recruit and retain the world’s smartest women

Overview:  Your leaders and professionals will learn about the science and evidence behind the business case that gender synergy practices and elevating more women into critical leadership positions will give your company a competitive advantage.  The key findings of the Apple to Zappos Science of Leadership project will inspire adoption of the SMART Power leadership model.   The model gives participants the behaviors, mindset and skills to succeed in today’s “team of teams” business environments where customer value innovation and failure proof execution are a priority.

“You closed our conference on the highest note possible and made it a huge success.  It was great!  It was just great!” – Pat Neil, KPMG


Session: 90 minutes is optimal (there is a 60 minute option)

Audience: Women, unlimited attendees

Outcome: Inspiration and leadership skill development

Key takeaways:  

  • 3 proven skills to improve their leadership impact
  • 5 key behaviors that will make them more influential

Overview:  The audience will feel optimistic about using women’s strengths of thinking versatility and social intelligence. Participants will understand the science of highly effective female leadership in demanding and competitive work environments.  They will understand how to harness Smart Power to create gender synergy on teams under high-performance pressure.

“You have made a tremendous difference.  I appreciate you bringing to life your amazing concepts and research in a compelling and exciting way.  You really know how to inspire people to improve and help them become who they aspire to be.” – Heather Robsahn, Sr. Director of Leadership Learning, Gap Inc.


Ready to commit to gaining a competitive advantage and educating both your female and male talent about gender synergy and how to unleash a new level of group intelligence at your enterprise? The workshop experience has been reported over and over as “transformational” and truly arms your teams with the tools, mindset and skills they need to embrace and adopt new behaviors and approaches to collaboration, innovation and leadership.

“Thanks so much for an inspirational, motivating
session with our team. You were a hit. Very powerful.”
– Beth Comstock, Vice-chair of Business Innovations and CMO, GE

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Session: 6-hour intensive workshop

Audience: Women, ideal group size is 25-50

Outcome: Increase leadership impact and professional growth

Key takeaways:  

  • 5 science-based leadership skills of SMART Power
  • 6 secrets of confident presentations that will make you more “promotable”
  • How to harness brain science to open oppositional minds
  • The 4 new rules of making a compelling business case for change
  • How to keep people accountable to you even when you have no authority
  • Turn your personal “unique value advantage” into your best career

Overview:  In this women only workshop participants learn how to wield their leadership strengths of their CORE intelligence; contextual, operational, relational, emotional which are vital in agile and collaborative organizations. Since most organizations get work done through a matrix of teams of teams it is essential that women learn how to use science-based persuasion skills (Jedi Mind Tricks) to effectively influence others and drive change even when they have no power.  Women will also learn how to keep others committed and accountable without authority and without becoming “bossy.”

“Your teachings are both immensely valuable, as well as practical.  You have a very engaging delivery that connects with the audience from the get go.“  – Joe Monahan, V.P. Sales North America, Nike


Session: 8-hour intensive workshop (2 consecutive half days, Day One 1-5pm, Day Two 8am -12pm)

Audience: Women, ideal group size is 25-50

Outcome: First stage professional transformation.  Women will learn to harness their CORE intelligence

using a unique innovation process that translates strategic empathy into new products and enhanced services that have proven to drive business growth. They’ll also learn the “Business Bridge” process which magnifies their organizational impact that lead to leadership promotions.

Key takeaways:  

  • 5 high level applications of SMART Power
  • Understand and harness your unique approach to power and leadership
  • The keys for women who are making a powerful business cases for change
  • Increased personal productivity and stress resilience with mindfulness
  • Strategic Empathy: A process tool proven to create innovation breakthroughs product or service development, execution and internal processes, culture and talent development
  • Custom leadership action plan that incorporates new skills and commitment to professional growth and promotion opportunities.

Overview:  This workshop was created from a commitment to rapidly improve the business impact of female leaders. As women have unique abilities and ways of thinking that transform businesses, corporate culture and innovation, participants learn how to SMARTly harness their value and make a difference. The program has a science-proven learning design in that it runs from 1-5 pm on the first day and 8 -12 the following morning.  This format is based on learning science which indicates that when people can sleep on what they have learned they are more likely to have insights and critical questions that will cement both learning and behavior change. Most importantly, research clearly indicates that women learn best through discussion, so this training design specifically enables participants more time to discuss insights and exercises to apply learning.

200%: startups are 2x more likely to succeed if they have 5 or more female top leaders


Session: 4 hours

Audience: Women and Men, 20-50 attendees

Outcome: An individual action plan for self-driven career-advancement and work-life satisfaction

Key takeaways:  

  • Identify each person’s unique value proposition
  • Learn to channel strengths, expertise and motivation into business value
  • Professional advancement plan to raise expertise and social emotional intelligence
  • Learn to Work Like a Genius, a proven daily schedule that reduces stress and increases satisfaction

Overview:  The participants learn to adopt a “Me, Inc.” mindset that frees them to develop a career growth plan that helps them navigate a constantly shifting job landscape.  The audience will feel energized by learning how to create more direct value and how to impact their promotion potential.  Each person will adopt a 21 day action plan to launch a 2 year Career Boost that will set the stage for a lifetime of fulfilling work.

“Will has a deep understanding of what both drives human performance and supports human well being. He has taught us with a distinctive spark, enthusiasm and credibility that has left a lasting impact.” – Oscar Cardona, Global VP HR, Nike, Inc


“You have already made tangible difference in my life and career. This was
my first day back at work following your Academy and I interviewed for big
promotion and by dinnertime I had my dream job. Thank you for the clarity
and courage. I feel so free!”
– Anne Woods, Sr. Engineer, Qualcomm

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SMART POWER ACADEMY: open enrollment or hosted program

Attend the open enrollment program: SMART Power Academy workshops are offered 3-4 times a year.  You can send your emerging female leaders to the program where they will learn with 30 other dynamic female leaders. Participants are high potential professionals, managers, senior managers, directors and vice presidents

Host the program: Your organization can choose to host a SMART Power Academy at their facility.  You may fill 10-15 seats at the program for your select women leaders and we will invite women from other companies to also attend up to 30 total.

Hold the Program: Your organization can hold the SMART Power Academy exclusively for 25-30 of your women leaders and professionals.

Session: 2.5 day on-site workshop (3 consecutive days)

Audience: Women, ideal group size is 25-30 women leaders (usually managers, senior managers, directors or above)

Outcome: Accelerating women into higher levels of leadership to make your enterprise more competitive

Key takeaways:  

  • Adopt a SMART Power mindset to fuel proactive leadership
  • 5 specific leadership skills that are most effective for women
  • Tools and behaviors to support women in expanding opportunities, responsibilities and capabilities
  • Deep level of career clarity and personal accountability
  • Development of individual leadership strengths
  • How to work more effectively with men
  • How to use a customer-value innovation matrix to drive growth
  • Increased leadership confidence
  • Secrets to making compelling business cases
  • Science-based habits that enable higher levels of work achievement and personal life satisfaction
  • 4 daily mindfulness habits proven to increase confidence, improve happiness and reduce stress
  • 6 week action plan to increase influence, opportunities and impact

Overview:  The SMART Power Academy is an evidence-based leadership development program designed to enable women to achieve significant and measurable results in their career by leading with their gender-based strengths. SMART Power skills and processes give women the tools to create a new level of impact and influence in the workplace. The Academy begins with a talent assessment for each candidate and pre-work that identifies areas of focus for development.  All Academy participants organize themselves into “SMART Power Circles” of five women who receive 3-minute daily video lessons and meet weekly in a peer coaching session for 6 weeks following the Academy workshop. The most consistently reported outcome of the Academy is that graduates are clear on the leadership impact they are committed to make and have confidence in their new capabilities to make their difference.

Results:  Here are results past participants from companies like Qualcomm, Sony, McKesson and GAP have reported:

  • Improved leadership and persuasion skills to be promotion ready (SMART Power)
  • Worked much better with male leaders by implementing gender synergy practices (SMART Power Teams)
  • Learned how to use structured collaboration to achieve breakthroughs in innovation (SMART Power Innovation)
  • Use science-based stress resilience practices which improved clarity and execution (Work Like a Genius)
  • Made a bigger strategic contribution to their enterprise

“The SMART Power Academy has been, for me, nothing short of life changing.  As a newly promoted and young female executive in a male dominated environment, I find myself without mentors, role models, thought partners.  This Academy has shown me the true power of women” -Andrea Fegley, Delta Dental of California

SMART POWER 90: 90 day in-house transformation program

Session: 90 days

Audience: Women (usually managers, senior managers, directors or above)

Outcome: Build a Women SMART Powered culture

Key takeaways:  

  • Commitment to women’s leadership
  • Provide women leaders with tools they need to increase business value
    Increased leadership power and influence
  • Career satisfaction which leads to increased engagement and loyalty
  • How to create a greater business impact

Overview:  Provide your female leaders the tools they need to succeed with a science based, proven transformation program.  The 90 day, custom corporate program opens up a pipeline of women leaders to accelerate your success.

SMART Power 90 includes:

2 1/2 day Academy

12 professional development coaching sessions to support mastery and business project completion.

3 half-day training sessions

6 peer coaching sessions in 5person genius circles

Customized fitness and mindfulness program for each participant

3 executive sponsor 1 on 1’s

3 leader led mentoring sessions

Graduation project presentations to senior leaders

“As Will says “Imagine the best thing your company can possibly do in the world, in the marketplace, and for your people”. We can all make a difference…just start.” – Jeff Grantham, Sr. Director, Marketing & Digital Engagement at UC San Diego


Session: Daily and weekly programming

Audience: All employees

Outcome: Build a SMART Power culture

Key takeaways: 

  • Introduction to the SMART Power Leadership model behaviors, mindset and skills
  • Practice sessions custom designed to meet your business goals
  • Exercises to reinforce SMART Power and help employees adopt a new way of thinking and acting

Overview:  The program is customized to suit your business goals and the talent of your employees.  By providing consistent exposure to SMART Power your leaders and their teams will shift to a SMART Power culture. Business benefits range from increased innovation to more agile thinking to a more engaged and loyal talent force.

100%: number of teams that improve at solving complex problems by adding more women teammates at MIT Group Intelligence Labs


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