gdiapers product itself is giving in action. While nothing truly biodegrades in a landfill, gDiapers plastic-free refills give you several disposal options that no other diaper offers. You can flush, compost, or toss them. Flush and you’re putting poop where it belongs. Throw the wet ones in your garden compost and in 50 – 150 days you’ve turned a wet diaper into a soil amendment. (A conventional diaper can take up to 500 years.)  You’re actually giving something back to the planet and reducing your family’s footprint.

Gdiapers also gives by taking pride in their “gTeam” and having a unique business philosophy.  Cofounder and President Kimberly Graham-Nye throws out conventional old-school business wisdom in favor of a family-centered, values-centered approach. The company has a full-time daycare for employees’ children located in the same building as the headquarters, offers four weeks of paid vacation time, and gives women three months of paid maternity leave and men six weeks of paternity leave. Graham-Nye allows, even encourages, employees to work flexible schedules so they can be with their children after 3 p.m. when school lets out, clocking back in after 8 p.m. when the children are asleep if they have work to finish.

These family-friendly policies have helped gDiapers win big.  Graham-Nye has been able to woo top-notch employees at a lower salary than offered by large companies, and create work opportunities for qualified moms who had left the work force to start a family. The result: highly competent employees (their CFO used to work for Pillsbury), almost no employee turnover, and high brand and company loyalty.

gDiapers also supports such social causes as Healthy Child Healthy World, Hands to Hearts International, and K.I.D.S.

Put simply, gDiapers’philosophy is “Fair Dinkum.”  It means being genuine and real with everyone you encounter.  They truly strive to live this motto in their business.

While gdiapers cost more than the average disposable diapers (a case of 160 gDiaper refills retails for $52, compared with about $40 for the same number of disposables. The pants–you need about four pairs–are $16.99 each), they are still winning big as consumers are willing to pay.

gDiapers have experienced substantial growth and are now available in such stores as Target and Babies R Us. They’ve also gained lots of media attention in the past year from USAToday, Good Morning America, and Fortune Magazine, who named Graham-Nye named one of theirs 10 Most Powerful Women Entrepreneurs in 2011.

gDiapers eagerness to assist in relief efforts knows no bounds. Last year, the company sponsored employee trips all over the world, providing funding and product donations to Rwanda’s Africa New Life Ministries, the Nepal Children’s Organization, and Haiti’s K.I.D.S. Additionally, gDiapers participated as a sponsor of MoVember, the moustache-growing campaign to raise awareness and funds for men’s health and cancer research.

As a member of, gDiapers has formed an affiliation with like-minded companies that work together in promoting loyalty and value for environmentally responsible products.