Gap, Inc.


Gap Inc. is committed to the philosophy of “giving is winning.”  Dan Henkle, SVP of Global Responsibility at Gap states, “Acting in an ethical way is not only the right thing to do — it also unlocks new ways for us to do business better.”

Gap’s overview of their social responsibility programs states: “Even in a time of unprecedented economic challenges, acting responsibly is a compass by which we run our business. It informs our decisions and focuses the daily efforts of thousands of people within Gap Inc. and beyond. We know from experience that it brings sustained, collective value to our employees, customers, shareholders, suppliers and society.”

  • In 2006 Gap created P.A.C.E (Personal Advancement, Career Enhancement program that helps female garment workers in developing countries advance beyond entry-level positions and fulfill their potential through education.  This program won the Financial Times Justmeans Social Innovation 2009 award.
  • Partnering with The Door, a New York-based nonprofit, This Way Ahead exposes underserved youth to a range of work-related learning experiences including diversity, career pathing, conflict resolution, decision-making and communication skills.  The curriculum was written by Gap Inc. employees and is delivered by Gap store management and The Door staff in four phases: career exploration, job readiness training, an internship, and follow-up support.
  • Dedicated to improving factory working conditions
  • Working toward change in using forced child labor to harvest cotton in Uzbekistan

Gap Inc. is winning plenty.  Their revenue for 2009 was $14.2 billion.