Pepsico is making huge strides to turn their company into one that stands for and practices strong values.  They are dedicated to providing healthier more sustainable products and reducing their impact on the environment.  Their philanthropic anchor, PepsiCo Foundation donated $27.9 million toward charitable causes in 2009 alone.  Here are a few highlights from some of their efforts:

  • Save the Children—using ready-to-use food that is specially formulated to help treat children’s acute malnutrition, introducing market-led, income-generation activities so families can create and sustain improvement to food security and increase their livelihoods, etc.
  • Committed more than $13 million to provide safe access to water in China, India, Brazil and Africa since 2007.
  • Awarded more than $20 million in U.S. grants to ideas that positively impact communities through the Pepsi Refresh Project.
  • Nearly doubled their “good-for-you” product portfolio over the last five years and are drastically improving the health of nearly all of their products such as adding whole grains while naturally reducing saturated fat and salt in snacks and foods.  Currently they have an estimated $10 billion portfolio of nutritious products.