Strategic Leadership & Innovative Ideas Videos

Doing the Best You Can Imagine

What’s the best thing you can imagine doing? Just start doing it.

Leaders of Today Need to Stand for Something that Matters

What is your promise? The first question of leadership is “What am I trying to accomplish?” If we have noble intent, purpose beyond self-interest, and we seek sustainable abundance for all, then we are building on the foundation of real leadership.

Love Drives the Highest Level of Leadership

Love drives the highest solutions and deepest commitment.

Noble Intent Is The Essential Part Of Leadership

Traits and characteristics—courage, persistence, vision, etc.—don’t make a great leader (ie: Hitler, Bin Laden). A noble intent is the essential part of leadership. The future is only sustainable when we learn that we’re all in this together. WE not ME.

The REALeadership Model – Abundance

The whole role of business is to create new things of value to make a profit. Abundance—more not better. Sustainable abundance means the goal is to have a unique value advantage, one of a kind. iPod and iTunes example.

The REALeadership Model – Legacy

What is your personal legacy? What do you need to feel at the end of your life to say, I did it? This isn’t about net worth; it’s about self-worth.

The REALeadership Model – Responsibility

What’s really needed to create a sustainable world is to reach a tipping point or a mass understanding where all of us, whether we’re just leading our life, leading a small business, a department, a division or a big enterprise, begin to see that what we do matters to the future. REAL brief explanation.

Change Your Business Story

Jim Loehr and Dan Jansen story. 1) Always think about what you’re grateful for, 2) don’t think about winning but doing your best, 3) create a new story.

Job Creation for Today’s Unemployment and Uncertain Times

Look for grains of truth, both + and – not either/or. To be open-minded you have to look at evidence that is contrary to your current beliefs—what is the opposite of what I think to be true? Dream Job Requirements—trust leadership to be competent and ethical, personal autonomy, effort to reward ratio, etc.

Leadership Innovation

How can we as an organization improve the lives of people, the health of the planet, and create a sustainable profit? It takes a new way of thinking, understanding leadership, business model, and framework for innovation.

A New Leadership Paradigm

We need a new leadership paradigm that follows the triple bottom line. We need a new business model that starts with give. We need a new innovation framework of invite, invent, idealize.

Real Leadership Innovation

Innovation Framework: How can I create benefits for people and planet? Invite, invent, idealize. Example—iPod.

The REALeadership Model – Ethics

There are three levels of ethics. 1) Wisdom of Law. If it’s legal, it’s ethical, even moral. 2) Wisdom of Justice, based on the Golden Rule—do unto others and you would have them do unto you. 3) Wisdom of Love. It challenges us to ask, How much good can I do? I have found the exciting result of asking this question is it unleashes people to think of previously unimagined value innovations.

A Business Model for a Sustainable Future

When companies change their focus from gain first to doing as much good as they can, it creates uniqueness in the marketplace and more gain for their business.