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Most of the women leaders that I coach are on the high-wire between a VP and a C–level role… waiting for a seat at the big table. Because I’ve had this in-the-trenches view I understand how difficult it is for women to thrive in the man’s world of business leadership. It’s not men’s fault that business organizations are designed around typical male strengths of competitiveness rather than typical female strengths of collaboration…it just is.

Recently I was asked to interview and on-board Beth, the new chief marketing officer for a multi-billion dollar consumer electronics company.  Her colleagues on executive leadership team were all meat-eating males. Their backgrounds were finance, operations, technology, legal, and engineering. I explained to her that the leadership team operated primarily on hard power. Goal focus, driving results, and relentless accountability are key hard power behaviors. Of course Beth was hired because she had well-developed soft power skills… customer empathy, value innovation and a proven ability to collaborate to achieve failure-proof execution.

After attending several executive meetings it became clear that although her colleagues conceptually valued Beth’s soft power skills they were beginning to dismiss her as a “woman.”  They saw her desire to collaborate as an unhealthy need for consensus that just slowed things down. And rather than deeply understand their customers the men in the room simply wanted to discuss strategies to “goose Net Promoter Scores” higher.

Now I’ve noticed the natural tendency that whenever women start to feel a loss of power around men they try to act more like men. They speak louder, are often more insistent and frequently cuss to become one of the boys. This is a fatal mistake.

Brain research reveals that men and women’s brains are wired differently. Leadership research confirms that teams who have least 30% women members produce better business results including growth and profitability than one gender teams. So when the strengths of both men and women are harnessed results better.

The problem for many women is that the language and culture of business reflects the orientation of male brains rather than the strengths of female wiring so being the only woman on a leadership team can be very challenging.

I worked with Beth in three ways.

First, we focused on her executive presence skills. These are simple things about when to stand up and present versus when to stay seated and discuss. We worked on using declarative sentences and hard power language of measurable goals and a competitive desire to win. (I nearly always teach women leaders to use their empathy skills to reach male leaders using language and symbols that men are comfortable with. It is also vital to use the strategic framework – SWOT – to communicate the need for new initiatives.)

Second, I help Beth re-script her inner voice to be more intrinsically confident. This is important for almost all women. The woman’s brain is far more active than a man’s which creates habits of self-doubt and second-guessing which must be directly addressed. Ultimately confidence cannot be faked. Because under pressure, fear-based emotions will stimulate either withdrawal or blame which weakens leadership power. Mindfulness exercises designed  specifically for leaders helped Beth stay focused on critical issues rather than make herself the issue.

Third, I helped Beth master the 5 Habits of SMART Power Leaders:

smart_power_grid(This model is the culmination of a multiyear leadership study I led called Apple to Zappos:  what today’s successful leaders are doing that no one else is. It is based on an in-depth  examination of leadership of 21 of today’s most successful companies as measured by seven criteria. It also incorporates Hershey and Blanchard’s original research on Situational Leadership as well as Zenger- Folkman’s  Extraordinary Leader competencies, Teresa Amabile’s Progress Principal research, multiple studies on leadership agility and a meta-analysis of gender differences of the human brain)

By using the 5 Habits of SMART Power Leaders, Beth was able to quickly establish herself as a senior strategic leader who was driving business results using her unique capabilities and gifts. She collaborated with her colleagues to help compress innovation to execution times from 36 weeks to 12 and make sure the innovations that were being developed were highly valued by the company’s most prized customers. Importantly she was able to accomplish all this by becoming a great smart_power_behaviorswoman leader rather than trying to mimic a man.

After nine months the company CEO said “ Beth is one of the most successful new executives he had ever recruited.”

My years of experience of developing and coaching individual women leaders let me to create a program for developing women leaders that is built on a revolutionary design combining high-potential men and women in small group training and individual coaching over six months. (In some cases I will train all women high-potential leader groups.)

Program elements:

  • 6 months long
  • Groups of 8 to 12 participants
  • Each participant leads a critical business project
  • 360° leadership assessment
  • Six 3-hour learning sessions
  • Six 90-minute work sessions
  • 12 individual coaching sessions
  • 36 single point “Work Like a Genius” video lessons

I also conduct a unique 2.5 day women’s leadership program called The SMART Power Academy for individual women of intact teams of men and women leaders. For more information click here »


SMART Power Academy

Career clarity. Leadership confidence. An action plan for growth.

Join us for a life-changing 2-1/2 days at The Leadership SMART Power Academy. The Academy is a research-based women’s leadership program with a proven process that will enable you to discover your most satisfying career and live your happiest life.

The mission of the SMART Power Academy is to teach women how to balance soft and hard power skills to become Smart Power leaders. Women who adopt a Smart Power mindset are better enabled to direct their careers and more impactfully lead organizations while enjoying work-life harmony.

Will Marré, the founder and force behind The Leadership SMART Power Academy, has collaborated with a team of female leaders to design the Academy, a 2-1/2 day on-site curriculum followed by 6-weeks of web-based coaching and mentoring.

The Leadership SMART Power Academy is guaranteed to bring you career clarity, leadership confidence and a commitment to grow.

Join us at the next Leadership SMART Power Academy to create your vision, learn new skills, form health habits and shift your future.

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